NRV Gaming Sleeve – Sakura edition


⚠️Experience unmatched comfort and seamless gameplay like never before with our Sakura Edition Gaming Sleeve! 🎮
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 M  60-72kg
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 XL  82-95kg
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NRV Gaming Sleeve – Sakura edition

19,00 24,90 


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Elevate your esport skill with the Sakura Sleeve🌸

Created by professional players, the lightweight and flexible Gaming Sleeve Sakura Edition is designed to optimize your gaming prowess.

  • 🌸Gaming Sleeve Sakura Edition🌸
  • Durable & not flocked
  • Experience seamless gaming: Zero friction with your mousepad
  • Breathable: Doesn’t retain odors and effectively manages sweat
  • Boosts your blood and muscle circulation
  • Design: Elegant and captivating
  • Offers compression and molding that no other sleeve provides


NRV Gaming Sleeves:

  • Improve your arm glide and ensure smooth mouse pad movement with our Gaming Sleeve Sakura Edition!🌸
  • This sleeve is perfect for esport players of LoL, CS:GO, Valorant, or Rainbow Six Siege.
  • Our compression sleeves, designed to prevent friction, utilize a unique molding method to provide optimal fluidity in your gameplay.
  • Conceived by professional esports players, who desired an arm sleeve to enhance their performance and lessen hand fatigue during heated competition. The result is a superior quality sleeve suitable for all gamers—from beginners to pros.
  • Our sleeves are designed for gamers seeking comfort and performance. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a gaming enthusiast, our compression gaming sleeves provide ultimate arm protection while maintaining cool and comfortable wear.
  • Composed of 83% polyester and 17% spandex, our sleeve keeps your arm warm in winter and wicks away perspiration in summer. No need to worry about wear and tear, as these sleeves are not flocked and are thus highly durable.
  • Perfect fit for gamers who desire complete control over their movements. Our designs are simple and streamlined, reflecting the diverse personalities of all gamers. Equally suited for both men and women, and all kinds of gamers you can think of. We offer a variety of colors allowing you to express yourself during gameplay while enjoying maximum comfort.
  • Crafted with breathable, non-restrictive fabric that promotes free movement, our gaming sleeves will help you unlock a new level of gameplay that is worth every dollar spent.
  • Pair your sleeve with one of NRV’s exclusive Speedfire mousepads to make your arm movements more fluid. With this combo, experience a gaming session with zero friction.
  • One sleeve per pack


  • Wear the sleeve for the first time for 15 minutes without playing any video games. It will feel snug at first as it adapts to your arm.
  • Repeated use will help establish a lasting mold and reduce folds on your forearm.
  • For the best fluidity of movement, regularly clean your sleeve with cold water. It is quick-drying and ready for daily reuse.
 S <60kg
 M 60-72kg
 L 72-82kg
 XL 82-95kg
 2XL 95-105kg
 3XL >105kg
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