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Elevate your gaming style with our customization service

Welcome to our custom gaming sleeve service, where we give your brand the limelight it deserves. Experience the thrill of showcasing your unique design on our high-quality gaming sleeves, ideal for every gamer – from professional eSports teams to passionate individuals.

We offer three tailor-made packages – Enterprise, Premium, and Personal – each meticulously designed to cater to your varying needs and preferences. Whether it’s an order of 50+ sleeves with customized packaging or a single piece that radiates your personal style, we’ve got you covered.

Guess what ?! 

Now we can accept your jersey customization request !

Custom sleeves


Let your fans wear their passion!


> 50 sleeves

  • Designed by NRV
  • Customized packaging
  • Merchandizing (Preorder + hosted online sells)*
  • Sell exclusively on your shop**
  • Free samples
  • Priority Processing
  • Free sleeves for your marketing operations

Custom jerseys


Let your fans wear their passion!


> 30 jerseys

  • Designed by NRV
  • Customized packaging
  • Merchandizing (Preorder + hosted online sells)*
  • Sell exclusively on your shop**
  • Free samples
  • Priority Processing
  • Free jersey for your marketing operations

* Every sell processes are handled by us. Commission % are shared by email.
** You can choose to have the sleeves on your own shop.

Tailored to Your Style

Welcome to our Sleeve Customization page. At NRV, we recognize that every gamer has unique preferences and a distinct style. That’s why we offer you an opportunity to create your own gaming sleeves, completely customized to your liking. Whether you’re an eSports organization, a professional gamer, or just a passionate fan, we’ve got the perfect design package for you.

We understand the need for personalization in the world of gaming. We take pride in providing gaming sleeves that are not just functional but also a true reflection of your unique gaming style. Dive into our customization options and create your dream gaming sleeves today.

🏆Esport Org Pack

Our Esport Org Pack offers a comprehensive solution for large scale orders. With custom prices, more than 50 sleeves, and design services by NRV, this pack is the perfect fit for eSports organizations. This pack also comes with customized packaging, free samples, priority processing, and the option to sell exclusively on the customer’s shop. Additionally, you can boost your brand with 6 months of online sales and preorders.

Esport Org Packs are made for sleeves like Acend or BDS sleeve.

Esport Org Packs are made for jersey like SoulsHeart.

🚀Squad Starter Pack

Our PREMIUM package is for those who require between 15 to 50 sleeves. Priced at €25 per piece, the sleeves are designed by NRV and come in standard packaging. This package offers limited merchandizing (preorders only), free samples, and priority processing.

Squad Starter Packs are made for sleeves like SoulsHeart or Team Script sleeve.

Squad Starter Packs are made for jersey like Nuxeria.

🎮Solo Gamer Pack

This personal pack is for those who need fewer than 15 sleeves (even 1 sleeve is possible). Priced at €35 per piece, these sleeves are designed by you following our brand book instructions. Ideal for gifting your players, staff, or biggest fans unique sleeves, this package comes with standard packaging and no merchandizing.

Solo Gamer Packs are made for sleeves like Rxckstar or SGang edition.

Solo Gamer Packs are made for jersey like Skyz and Agrios.


  • Choose your desired package based on the number of sleeves, design requirements, and additional features.
  • Provide your design requirements or use our brand book instructions to design your sleeve.
  • Fill the form, we will contact you back with the final order and enjoy the unmatched gaming experience that comes with personalized gaming sleeves.
  • Delivery Time: Estimated delivery within 4-6 weeks from the order confirmation date, subject to customization complexity and quantity.
  • Payment Terms: 50% upfront payment at the time of order confirmation, and the remaining 50% before shipment.
  • Returns and Refunds: Customized sleeves are non-refundable unless a manufacturing defect is present.
  • Intellectual Property: NRV retains the intellectual property rights for the designs created by our team.

*Merchandizing is subject to terms and conditions.

We’re excited to provide you with this unique opportunity to infuse your brand’s spirit into our top-quality gaming sleeves. The combination of your vision and our expertise will ensure a product that stands out in the gaming community. Let’s embark on this creative journey together.

End your search for the perfect blend of personal touch and professional performance. Get started with your sleeve customization today and redefine your gaming persona. Ready to join hands with us and create gaming sleeve magic? Let’s get started.

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Step #1

Download flat mockup and branbook


Step #2

Create your design following style instruction. Export flat mockup file


Step #3

Fill the customization form.