NRV Gaming Sleeve – Acend edition


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 S  <60kg
 M  60-72kg
 L  72-82kg
 XL  82-95kg
 2XL  95-105kg
 3XL  >105kg


NRV Gaming Sleeve – Acend edition



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Ascend Your Gaming Skills with Acend Edition Gaming Sleeve

Unleash your true gaming potential with the incomparable comfort and exceptional performance of the Acend Edition Gaming Sleeve, the ultimate choice for professional eSports teams.

Co-created with top-tier gamers, this flexible, lightweight Acend Gaming Sleeve provides a gaming experience that is truly second to none.

Acend Edition Gaming Sleeve: Exclusive Features

  • Durability & Unflocked: Designed to last, sporting an unflocked design
  • Smooth Glide: Zero friction with your mousepad for seamless gaming
  • Breathability: Efficiently dispels odors and wicks away sweat
  • Enhanced Circulation: Promotes muscle and blood circulation
  • Stylish Design: Subtle yet bold
  • Unique Compression: Provides distinctive compression and molding that no other sleeves can match

Gaming Innovation

  • Step up your gameplay and enhance your mouse pad glide with the Acend Gaming Sleeve! Specifically engineered for professional eSports players from a variety of games.
  • Our frictionless sleeves incorporate an advanced molding technique to assure the smoothest possible gaming movement.
  • The Acend Gaming Sleeve is a top-notch gaming sleeve, suitable for all, from rookie gamers to eSports professionals.
  • Our sleeves are designed for gamers who prioritize both comfort and performance.
  • Constructed from 83% polyester and 17% spandex, the Acend sleeve maintains your arm’s warmth in winter and effectively wicks away sweat in the summer. No need to fret over wear and tear – our sleeves are unflocked and extremely durable.
  • Perfect for gamers who demand complete control over their movements. Our designs are sleek yet striking, reflecting the unique personality of each gamer. Suitable for all gamers, irrespective of gender and game preference. We offer a range of colors that allow you to express your gaming style while maintaining comfort.
  • The breathable, unrestricted fabric of our Acend gaming sleeves lets you move freely, thus upgrading your gaming experience to a level that justifies every cent spent.
  • Pair your sleeve with one of our exclusive NRV Speedfire mousepads for a frictionless gaming experience. Embark on a gaming journey like no other, devoid of any resistance.
  • One sleeve per pack


  • Wear the sleeve for the first time for 15 minutes without gaming. It might feel a bit snug as it adjusts to your arm.
  • Frequent use will help create a lasting mold and decrease folds in your forearm.
  • To ensure optimal glide, clean your sleeve regularly with cold water. It’s quick-drying feature makes it suitable for daily use.
 S <60kg
 M 60-72kg
 L 72-82kg
 XL 82-95kg
 2XL 95-105kg
 3XL >105kg
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