Our Partners: Together We Elevate NRV P4

Powering the Esport Revolution: A Tribute to Our Esteemed Partners

In esports, teamwork drives success. 🌐 At NRV, we pride ourselves on our collaborations. By teaming up with top esports figures, we do more than create sleeves. We craft symbols of unity, dreams, and excellence.

A Legacy of Partnership

Every sleeve tells a story. It’s about mutual respect, dedication, and drive. 🤝 With each design, we aim to capture the heart of our brand and the essence of our partnership. When our partners wear our sleeves, it’s a bold statement. They’re showcasing a shared passion for the game.

They capture the essence of what it means to be a part of the NRV family. When our partners step into the arena, adorning their jerseys with our sleeves, they’re making a profound statement. It’s not just about showcasing a brand. It’s about wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve, both metaphorically and literally, expressing a shared history and a burning passion for the game.

Voices of our partners

While our designs stand out, it’s the quality that makes a difference. Our partners notice this. They’ve shared their experiences, showing how NRV sleeves elevate their game.

RxckstarContent Creator

For me, it has always been a mix of sheer talent, relentless dedication, and the right gear. 🌌 NRV entered my gaming world with a bang. Their sleeves? Nothing short of a marvel. Every element, from the Nordic-themed design to the impeccable finish, speaks volumes of NRV's commitment to excellence. As a content creator, these sleeves not only augment my performance but also add a distinct touch of elegance to my persona. It's more than just a gaming accessory; it's a reflection of my journey, aspirations, and relentless pursuit of perfection.🎯
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Twitter : @Th3Rxckstar
Twitch : @Th3Rxckstar

SussuLeVraiContent Creator

Being in the limelight as a content creator comes with its unique set of challenges and privileges. 🎬 One such privilege has been my association with NRV. The SGang sleeve they crafted for me is not just a product; it's a piece of art. The dark, wavy pattern resonates deeply with my creative ethos, making it a perfect extension of my brand. Every time I dawn it, I feel a surge of confidence, knowing I am equipped with the best. The sleeves serve as a constant reminder of NRV's unparalleled craftsmanship and their knack for creating products that truly stand out in the esports universe.🎯
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Twitter : @SussuLeVrai

AkhdarCEO CornerTech

During my progression from a spirited competitive player to becoming a seasoned professional coach, my journey in the esports arena has been nothing short of spectacular. 🌟
Along the way, NRV became a pivotal part of my gaming narrative. Their innovative sleeves transformed my gameplay sessions. The distinct craftsmanship ensures no annoying seams, a factor that has often irked me with other brands. These sleeves are breathable, aiding in those intense long sessions, and glide seamlessly on the mousepad.🎯
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Website : https://cornertech.fr/
Twitter : @Akh_dar_
Twitter : @CornerTechFr

DeathroWeSport Organization

Our establishment as an esports club in 2019 was a seminal moment, marking the beginning of a journey fueled by passion, community, and a dedication that dates back to 2001. 🕹️ As we strived to shape the next generation of esports talent, our collaboration with NRV amplified our mission. Their attentiveness and adaptability in crafting a unique sleeve design for DeathroW transcended our expectations. The final product? A charismatic representation of our ethos, ideals, and aspirations.
NRV were always responsive and accommodating. The DeathroW design developed by NRV makes them unique, they are just charismatic and insane🔥
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Website : https://deathrowesport.com/
Twitter : @DeathroWEU

WhiteSharkStreamer, YouTuber & retired player

With over a decade immersed in esports, I've witnessed the evolution of gaming gear and equipment. 🎮 My endless pursuit for optimizing performance and comfort led me to an array of brands. However, the moment I experienced NRV's sleeves, there was no turning back. They are meticulously engineered—light as a feather, yet resilient; stylish, yet laser-focused on functionality. Whenever the gaming scene shifts to FPS, my NRV sleeves are the first gear I reach for. 🎯
I am happy to be an NRV partner! 🔥
Networks :🔻
Twitter : @Wshark67
Twitch : Whiteshark67

NuxeriaeSport Organization

When the BeNRV sleeves graced our team's setup, the unanimous response was sheer awe. 😍 Right from the design, which resonated deeply with our brand ethos, to the tactile feel, everything felt tailor-made for peak performance. The ripples of excitement weren't just limited to our players. Spectators, competitors, and fans were equally captivated. Words like 'Where can we get those?' became a constant echo at every event. This isn't just a sleeve—it's a statement, an emblem of NRV's unwavering commitment to quality.👌
Twitter : NuxeriaEsport


From the relentless battlefields of FPS games to the tactical universe of Rainbow Six Siege, every gaming scenario is a test of skills, reflexes, and equipment. 🎖️ NRV, with its revolutionary sleeves, adds a formidable weapon to my arsenal. Not just any weapon—a trusted ally that stands by me, complementing my gameplay and elevating my performance. They blend the best of both worlds: a flair for style and a fierce focus on functionality. ✅

Twitter : Kalelytb
Twitch : LC_Kalel
Tiktok : LC_Kalel

ZironeSport Caster

My esports voyage began with the gritty landscapes of Battlefield 4, paving my way to my dream of casting at grand events like the Gamers Assembly. 🎤 Every twist and turn required precision, dedication, and the right gear. NRV's sleeves emerged as an unspoken hero in my journey.
Twitter : @ZironCast
Twitch : ZironCast
Youtube : ZiroNYouu
Discord : Z1RON.#6457

What if you become one of our partners ?

Through the voices of our partners, our commitment to quality and innovation becomes evident. In the fast-paced world of esports, where performance and representation go hand in hand, NRV stands as a beacon of both. From the sleek design of the Team Script to the artistic brilliance of the SGang, our sleeves are not just apparel; they’re a statement.

Inspired by the stories? Wish to add your voice to this symphony of success?