NRV Esport Ready Pack – Classic

🔥Upgrade your gaming setup with the Esport Ready Pack Classic🔥

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 S  <60kg
 M  60-72kg
 L  72-82kg
 XL  82-95kg
 2XL  95-105kg
 3XL  >105kg


29,90  54,40 

Gaming Mousepad - M Size

M - 450x400x3mm

Sleeve performance

NRV Esport Ready Pack – Classic

29,90  54,40 


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Esport Ready Pack Classic : The Ultimate Gaming Enhancement

Whether you’re an aspiring gamer or a professional eSports competitor, the Esport Ready Pack Classic is engineered to elevate your gaming performance. Combining our high-quality Classic Sleeve and M-sized Speedfire Mousepad. It offers an unparalleled blend of comfort, precision, and unrivaled gaming experience. Designed with input from both novice and pro eSports players, the Esport Ready Pack Classic is your perfect gaming partner. Lightweight, flexible, and crafted for optimized gameplay, it’s time to enhance your gaming journey like never before.

Exclusive Features of the Esport Ready Pack

  • Classic Sleeve: Designed for improved circulation, unique compression, and offers an outstanding balance between comfort and performance.
  • Speedfire Mousepad: Optimized for fluid and precise movements, offers a smooth interface for frictionless gaming experience.
  • Comfortable and Durable: The Classic Sleeve is breathable, managing sweat efficiently and preventing odors, while the Mousepad offers exceptional durability for endless gaming sessions.
  • Ergonomic Design: Our Classic Sleeve comes with a simplistic design mirroring the spirit of every gamer, and the Speedfire Mousepad, with its perfect size M, suits any desktop.
Elevate your gaming sessions and ensure seamless interaction with the Esport Ready Pack Classic. Created with the needs of eSports players at heart, this bundle transforms every gaming session into a truly immersive experience. Our Classic Sleeve employs a unique molding process that assures the smoothest movements in your gaming, reducing hand fatigue during intense sessions. Meanwhile, the Speedfire Mousepad enhances your game’s responsiveness, giving you the advantage you need. The Esport Ready Pack Classic is designed for gamers who value superior comfort and high performance. Regardless of your gaming skill level, this bundle ensures optimal protection for your arm. It delivers enhanced control over your game. Pair the Classic Sleeve, made from a blend of 83% polyester and 17% spandex, with our Speedfire Mousepad, and unleash your full gaming potential. They are designed to stay cool and comfortable, providing a superior gaming experience. Embrace a new level of unrestricted gaming with the Esport Ready Pack Classic, a valuable addition to your gaming gear that’s worth every penny. The package contains one Classic Sleeve and one M-sized Speedfire Mousepad.


  • Wear the sleeve for the first time for 15 minutes without playing any games. It will feel tight initially as it adjusts to your arm.
  • Regular use will help form a lasting mold and reduce any folds in your forearm.
  • For optimal performance and longevity, clean your sleeve regularly with cold water. The quick-drying material ensures it’s ready for daily use.
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Gaming Mousepad - M Size

Mousepad Sizes

M – 450x400x3mm

Sleeve performance


Black, Navy Blue, White


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