Professional players using NRV Sleeves

Who are our partners?

NRV is proud to sponsor multiple esport team and influencers. We provide customized and branded sleeves to allow them to get high performance while representing their own colors. Checkout Nuxeria’s sleeve for more detail

We don’t just provide customized products and branded sleeves. We provide you with the ultimate partnership opportunity. When our partners wear those sleeves with their jerseys such as DeathroW, it’s an actual held esport suit of the esport team they are representing. It’s a great way to promote both, the NRV player who is indeterminate and high performing, and your organization on one product. Our sleeves make it easy for esport players to show off their personality and offer them a unique look.

Our esport partners are looking for a high quality product to reach their best performance. With our sleeves, we can offer the customization they need with a perfect matching with their jersey and obviously a swift delivery time. Our partners love our sleeves and us. Check below what they think of us.

So if you want sleeves that fit perfectly with your needs please let us know.

Checkout what people think of us : BeNRV Twitter

AkhdarCEO CornerTech

As a former competitive player before, I became a professional coach, NRV offered me the opportunity to test their sleeves. Wow!🔥
The perfect compromise for players who play during long sessions and are looking for more performance. The material is pleasant, with no annoying seams like competitors. It is breathable and glides perfectly on the mousepad. This product is indeed developed by players to focus on players performances. 🎯🎯
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Website :
Twitter : @Akh_dar_
Twitter : @CornerTechFr

DeathroWeSport Organization

Structured as an esport club in 2019, based on an existing community since 2001, DeathroW has always promoted many values and education through video games. 💪
Our goal is now to support young talents with the potential to reach the top in their studies, in their lives and in esport. ️
NRV were always responsive and accommodating. The DeathroW design developed by NRV makes them unique, they are just charismatic and insane🔥
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Website :
Twitter : @DeathroWEU

WhiteSharkStreamer, YouTuber & retired player

Competitor for more than 10 years, I am constantly looking for tools that could optimize my performance/comfort during my stream🎤 sessions. Since the creation of sleeves in the esport world, I realised that this would be a real tool for gamers who enjoy long gaming sessions. I tryied many of them by regularly changing brands until I found the products from the BeNRV shop.
NRV sleeves are light, comfortable, elastic and efficient. As soon as I turn on a FPS I put on my NRV sleeves. Honestly I couldn't play without them anymore. 🎯
I am happy to be an NRV partner! 🔥
Networks :🔻
Twitter : @Wshark67
Twitch : Whiteshark67

NuxeriaeSport Organization

Our first opinion when we received the BeNRV sleeves was a "Wow". 😱
Comfort and quality in one product with a Nuxeria design is what our players needed for their competitions.
They were all surprised by the product, although some were already used to NRV quality. 💪
On their arms, the players made other players jealous about the sleeves, many wanted to order them, whether spectators or opposing players, the compliments about the latter were heard over and over again. 👌
Twitter : NuxeriaEsport


As a content creator since 2011, I have a special affection for FPS and especially Rainbow Six Siege. Being well equipped when playing online or physical competitions. For me it's important to be well equipped and for that there is NRV ! ✅

Twitter : Kalelytb
Twitch : LC_Kalel
Tiktok : LC_Kalel

ZironeSport Caster

My name is Clément "Ziron", I'm 22 years old ! I am an amateur caster and RL player at NeedONE Agency. My first step in Esport was my competitive experience on Battlefield 4.
I started casting on consoles and gradually moved on to PC and worked my way up to my main goal: To cast "professionally" and live off the stream. 🎤
For a few months, NeedONE Agency has welcomed me as a caster and this allowed me to accompany them during the Gamers Assembly. Which then opened a lot of doors for me, including the partnership with AMH and NRV.
Twitter : @ZironCast
Twitch : ZironCast
Youtube : ZiroNYouu
Discord : Z1RON.#6457